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    First name Last name Email Phone Message Submit Thanks for submitting! CONTACT US We love meeting and learning about new companies. Please contact us to see if a partnership with Pragmetrix is right for your company.

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    OUR PROCESS We bring you the voice of your customers in their own words, unabridged, unedited, captured through our Customer Loyalty Assessment process. TRUTH Customer Loyalty Assessments We interview your customers and get the truth about how they really feel about your company. Continue ANALYSIS Customer Feedback Analysis See how many of your customers are promoters, passives and detractors. Continue RECOMMENDATIONS Recommendations for Executive Action We provide you with a comprehensive set of actionable recommendations directly from your customers. Continue FOLLOW UP Accountability& Implementation Your customer feedback roadmap to becoming the loyalty leader in your industry. Continue WHAT OUR CLIENTS ARE SAYING VOICE OF YOUR CUSTOMERS With a 95% + response rate, we bring you the voice of your customers in their own words, unabridged, unedited, captured through our Customer Loyalty Assessment process. We then extract specific actions you can take that will elevate your customers' experience, turning them into promoters for your business. Our Clients SATISFACTION VS. LOYALTY Customer satisfaction is worthless. Customer loyalty is priceless. Satisfied customers are just as likely to defect as dissatisfied customers. Satisfaction is too low of a bar. Loyalty equals retention. Contact Us With the words of your customers as their foundation, they extract the issues that your business needs to focus on, so that your customers become promoters, and by extension, you sell more. They were responsive, creative, and the work product is superb. The best money you will ever spend at your company, period!” Stephen Newell | CEO, Mission Mobility ABOUT PRAGMETRIX Pragmetrix is a consulting firm founded by Mark Fonseca in 2012. They have helped hundreds of businesses increase revenue and strengthen customer loyalty. Pragmetrix is based in Atlanta, Georgia and serves businesses across the country. About Us 80% of CEOs believe their firms deliver a superior customer experience. Only 8% of their customers agree – Bain & Company Learn More We conducted our interviews and received our scores, and we will definitely use Pragmetrix’s services when we follow-up. We anticipate that with the data we received along with Pragmetrix recommendations, our scores will show a much more satisfied customer.” David Parry | President TNG | Formerly The News Group For any business owner the key to success is knowing what your clients are thinking. Our firm engaged Pragmetrix to help us answer that very question. Given the nature of our business, confidentiality and discretion were of utmost importance. Mark and Mike were consummate professionals and made our clients feel at ease throughout the entire process. The primary research that Pragmetix obtained gave us key insights and take-aways about our clients that proved invaluable. Specifically, Mark’s ability to dig deep gave us specific action items to improve the client experience. We have spent the last 10 months implementing changes based on the research and look forward to engaging Pragmetrix again to measure our success.” Robert M. Balentine | Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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    Are you frustrated by the lack of effectiveness of your sales and marketing programs? As you invest in finding new customers to grow your business are you losing sales every year because one or more of your key customers defects to a competitor? Customers that you thought we’re very satisfied? ​ Following our Customer Loyalty Assessment and Design for Loyalty processes which are based on Bain & Company’s Net Promoter System, one of our clients stopped all cold calling and marketing activities for one year and grew their business by 20% without losing a single key account. See how you can turn your company into the Loyalty Leader in your industry with growth rates more than double that of your competitors. ​ Five reasons to hire Pragmetrix ​ We Are an Unbiased Third Party – Having no agenda, your customers feel safe and are more likely to give honest feedback – this is especially true if they have the option of remaining anonymous. We Do Not Use Surveys - Calling your customers for feedback is much more personal than e-mail or electronic surveys. You automatically increase your customer loyalty because Pragmetrix personalized approach shows your customers that you genuinely care. We Have a 95 % + Response Rate – Using our proven Customer Loyalty Assessment Process we are able to get a prolific response rate versus that of traditional electronic surveys. We Give Your Sales/Marketing Teams the Key’s to the Kingdom – Your customers tell us exactly what you need to do to get them to continue doing business with you, buy other products and services, and give you unsolicited word-of-mouth referrals. You Can Trust Us – We protect your most valuable resources, your customers and your data. Easy to say, contact us, and we will put you in touch with our clients so you can check for yourself. So are you ready? Ask yourself how nice it would be to have peace of mind. The peace of mind that comes from knowing (not hoping) that your customers will not only remain loyal to your company, but that they will recommend you to their industry colleagues and friends. ​ Sounds good? Well then, call us at 404-983-4121 and let’s get started. HOW WE HELP

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    OUR PROCESS TRUTH Step 1: Customer Loyalty Assessments We interview your customers and get the truth about how they feel about your company. What they like and what they don’t like. Learn what you can do to move them beyond satisfaction and turn them into loyal customers and promoters. ANALYSIS Step 2: Customer Feedback Analysis See how many of your customers are promoters, passives and detractors. We calculate your Net Promoter Score which you can benchmark against market leaders. We bring you your customers’ unedited “verbatims” including the good the bad and the ugly and prioritize their suggestions for maximum impact. RECOMMENDATIONS Step 3: Recommendations for Executive Action We provide you with a comprehensive set of actionable recommendations directly from your customers, which, when implemented, will further please your loyal customers and will convert detractors and passives into promoters. IMPLEMENTATION Step 4: Accountability & Implementation Maintain client focus on NPS program and ensure customer action items are being implemented in the timeframe requested.

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    Dornier MedTech Headquartered in Munich, Germany, is a medical device company known for its pioneering technologies and revolutionary therapies in urology. Thanks to its deep rooted spirit of entrepreneurship, excellence and innovation, Dornier thrives while developing some of the highest quality urology products on the market today. ​ Genpak No matter what part of the food service industry you are in, Genpak has you covered when it comes to food containers and packaging. From plastic plates and dinnerware and paper cone cups to microwave safe containers, to go containers, catering supplies and compostable products, we produce some of the best containers, packaging and disposable dinnerware items you'll ever need. ​ BWise Trustworthy Data. Local Contacts. Successful Connections. BWise is your all-in-one new business development platform for Atlanta, Charlotte, and Dallas-Fort Worth. ​ Pacesetter And we believe in the future. It’s why we empower vision at every level of our company. We invest in world-class technology to drive continuous improvement across production, quality, supply chain, and value to customers. All of it for one simple reason: because at the intersection of industry, digital insight, and the culture of innovation, the future is now. ​ Balentine – The Art & Science and Investing Balentine is a privately owned investment management firm headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Balentine provides asset management services to foundations, endowments, individual clients and families. For more than 25 years, the Balentine legacy has been one of innovation, service to clients and service to the community. The company has been at the forefront of the industry’s move towards fee-based (versus transaction-based) advisory services, open architecture investment solutions, and the outsourced CIO model of asset management. ​ Macuch Steel Products, Inc Macuch Steel Products, Inc. is a family run company, originally founded in 1948 as an ornamental iron fabricator, by John Macuch and his sons Edward, Morton and Edwin. In the early 1950’s, the firm expanded into structural steel and the 1960’s brought further expansion with the addition of rebar fabrication as well as the sale of stock material. In 2001, Em-Co Metal Products, Inc. was purchased to augment Macuch Steel’s fabrication capabilities. ​ Shewmake Steel Erection, Inc. was organized in 2002 to facilitate an “in house” alternative to erecting Macuch Steel’s fabricated structural steel. The Company founded Lavonia Stair & Rail, Inc. in 2004 to provide an “in house” alternative to the supply of miscellaneous steel products. Macuch Steel Products, Inc. and its affiliates (known as The Family of Steel) can now handle structural steel projects from inception to completion. ​ TNG TNG provides value-added supply-chain, transportation, merchandising support, category management, & related information services through focused operating companies. ​ TNG is a leader in end-to-end supply chain logistics with 50 thousand deliveries to retail stores each week. TNG is a member of the Jim Pattison Group of Companies headquartered in Vancouver BC, Canada with over 545 locations world-wide. This privately owned company is the third largest in Canada and includes a richly diverse mosaic of successful companies. ​ Mission Mobility Mission Mobility was pertinent to the invention of edge tactical networking. In concert with Joint Forces Command in the early 2000s, the firm integrated the latest networking technologies to enhance joint operations for the Combatant Commanders. ​ Today Mission Mobility supports the mission of tactical and GO/VIP users ensuring mobile comms at the edge of the mission. Mission Mobility develops products and services that provide a secure end-to-end network that works in the harshest environments, where power is at a premium, for users who do not need to be networking experts. ​ Morrison Hershfield Morrison Hershfield is an employee-owned firm providing integrated multidisciplinary engineering and related expertise. The company delivers innovative, cost effective and technically sophisticated solutions for infrastructure with a goal of providing a single point of contact for engineering solutions that make a difference. Morrison Hershfield is committed to making their clients successful and to establishing long lasting relationships built on loyalty and trust. ​ WIKA WIKA is the world’s leading instrumentation company, with unmatched expertise in building gauges and sensors to measure pressure, temperature, and fluid levels. WIKA combines its technical capabilities with a commitment to customer service and quality manufacturing – providing reliable, accurate instrumentation to a diverse array of industries. Founded in 1946, WIKA is family-run and employs more than 7,300 people worldwide. ​ West Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, West processes billions of minutes in voice-related transactions every year. Our employees are located throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Latin America. And while our own client base is expansive, our focus is singular. We specialize in the creation of solutions that cover every aspect of communication - uniquely applied to each industry, each market and each customer. Kids II® Driven By Innovation Kids II® is always looking for a better way to be the best. We take pride in our entrepreneurial spirit and long history of innovation. From the simple idea that started our company to the full line of baby toys and gear that we boast today, we’ve been coming up with big ideas for little people for over four decades. OUR CLIENTS 80% of CEO’s believe their company delivers a superior customer experience. Only 8% of their customers agree. At Pragmetrix we appreciate the opportunity to help our clients close that gap.

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    At Pragmetrix we truly believe that "The Truth Will Set You Free" and the only way companies can put themselves on the path to true growth—growth that occurs because their customers and employees love doing business with them and sing their praises to neighbors, friends, and colleagues. This is the only kind of growth that can be sustained over the long term. Acquisitions, aggressive pricing strategies, product line extensions, cross-sell strategies, new marketing campaigns, and all the other implements in a CEO’s toolkit may give a company a short-term boost. But if these gambits don’t ultimately result in delighted customers, the growth won’t last. At the company's heart is our Customer Loyalty Assessment Process, which measures the relationship strength of our client's customers, we don't rely on ineffective Customer Satisfaction Surveys. Instead, we carry out in-depth Customer Loyalty Assessments using open-ended questions to flush out the critical issues that are impacting the quality of your customer relationships. We bring our client's actual customer "verbatims" and “actionable insights” that enable front-line employees to improve the customer experience and deepen the relationship generating repeat purchases and unsolicited word-of-mouth referrals that are the fuel of long-term sustainable growth. ABOUT US Mark B. Fonseca Pragmetrix, co-Founder and Partner ​ Mark has over 20 years of being a trusted advisor to CEO’s and Executives in Atlanta and has interviewed thousands of Business Owners and Professionals . Mark is the owner of his own private men’s custom clothing and executive image consulting business. He has developed strong business relationships with top-level executives and successful entrepreneurs, through one on one consulting and exceptional customer experience. When not running Pragmetrix, he loves studying God’s word, spending time with his wife and two adult children and mentoring younger men as they navigate the challenges of life.

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