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At Pragmetrix we truly believe that "The Truth Will Set You Free" and the only way companies can put themselves on the path to true growth—growth that occurs because their customers and employees love doing business with them and sing their praises to neighbors, friends, and colleagues. This is the only kind of growth that can be sustained over the long term. Acquisitions, aggressive pricing strategies, product line extensions, cross-sell strategies, new marketing campaigns, and all the other implements in a CEO’s toolkit may give a company a short-term boost. But if these gambits don’t ultimately result in delighted customers, the growth won’t last.


At the company's heart is our Customer Loyalty Assessment Process, which measures the relationship strength of our client's customers, we don't rely on ineffective Customer Satisfaction Surveys. Instead, we carry out in-depth Customer Loyalty Assessments using open-ended questions to flush out the critical issues that are impacting the quality of your customer relationships. We bring our client's actual customer "verbatims" and “actionable insights” that enable front-line employees to improve the customer experience and deepen the relationship generating repeat purchases and unsolicited word-of-mouth referrals that are the fuel of long-term sustainable growth.


Mark B. Fonseca

Pragmetrix, co-Founder and Partner

Mark has over 20 years of being a trusted advisor to CEO’s and Executives in Atlanta and has interviewed thousands of Business Owners and Professionals . Mark is the owner of his own private men’s custom clothing and executive image consulting business. He has developed strong business relationships with top-level executives and successful entrepreneurs, through one on one consulting and exceptional customer experience. When not running Pragmetrix, he loves studying God’s word, spending time with his wife and two adult children and mentoring younger men as they navigate the challenges of life.

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